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Why do I need a web design brief?

A free  website design brief is essential because it provides a clear and concise roadmap for your website design project. It outlines your objectives, target audience, design preferences, and functionality requirements, ensuring that both you and the design agency are aligned in understanding the project’s scope and goals.

The brief acts as a communication tool, preventing misunderstandings and streamlining the design process, ultimately leading to a successful website that reflects your brand identity and resonates with your audience.

The project remains accountable with the brief as a reference document to the stated goals and ensures efficient management of the budget and timeline.

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Website design brief – The Key Facts

Overall, investing time in creating a comprehensive website design brief ensures a smooth, goal-oriented, and customised design process that maximises the website’s impact and success.

About Your Business

Tell us about your company, your products and services and its core values. It is also useful to tell us about your main competitors.

Project Overview

What is the main reason for getting in touch? Is it a brand new website project or a redesign of an existing website?
Is there any bespoke web software to design? Will you require an ecommerce solution such as Shopify

Your Existing Website
Tell us about pain points of your existing website. What are the main limitations? What would you like to improve the most?  What new functionality would you like to introduce?  Does your website need to integrate with internal systems like a CRM?

Your Main Website Objectives

1. Increase brand visibility and awareness.
2. Enhance user engagement and interaction.
3. Generate qualified leads and increase conversions.
4. Improve overall user experience and navigation.


Target Audience

Our target audience includes [describe your target audience, including demographics, preferences, and online behaviour].

Design & Style Preferences
Describe any style preference you have.
This may be in conjunction with other companies websites or brands you have. Also, attach any brand guidelines to this document.

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Functionality and Features

The website should include the following essential functionality and features:

1. Clear and intuitive navigation with easy access to key pages.
2. Responsive design to ensure optimal viewing across various devices.
3. A compelling homepage with a clear call-to-action (CTA).
4. Product/Service pages with detailed information, images, and CTAs.
5. Contact form or enquiry section for lead generation.
6. Blog section for regular updates and content sharing.
7. Integration with our social media profiles for seamless sharing.
8. Testimonials and client reviews for enhanced credibility.
9. GDPR-compliant data collection and privacy policy.

Timeline and Deliverables

We expect the project to be completed within [mention desired timeline]. Please provide us with a clear timeline and milestones for design concepts, revisions, and the final website launch.

And finally…the section no one wants to discuss! 

Our budget for this project is [mention your budget range]. We understand that you  may not want to mention this but it allows us to understand the direction we need to go in. This could be in the form of using third-party technology, or redirecting our focus onto priority areas.
We want to ensure you are getting the most for your budget.

Selection Criteria
We will evaluate proposals based on the following criteria:

1. Experience and portfolio of past website design projects.
2. Understanding of our brand and alignment with our vision.
3. Innovative design concepts and user experience approach.
4. Clear and transparent pricing and timelines.

Proposal Submission

Please submit your proposal to [your email address] no later than [mention submission deadline]. We encourage you to include relevant samples of your previous work and any other information that highlights your capabilities.


All information provided in this brief is confidential and should not be shared with third parties without our prior consent

We hope you have found our free website design brief useful. Click the button below to download.

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